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Updated: Nov 6, 2021

In this case study we explore the reasons why drones are a vital part of all construction projects and what benefits they bring to the developers.

The use of UAV (Drones) in the Construction Industry is rapidly evolving the industry. UAV's are providing key data to Developers, Stakeholders and Investors alike. They are helping the industry to boost site productivity and performance, whilst reducing costs and saving vital time and resources.

What are the Benefits?

Site Monitoring - Construction site monitoring is a crucial task for contractors whilst on site. The use of a UAV can aide developers and contractors allowing them to obtain high resolution media to track progress through weekly and monthly site visits. Each visit providing high quality photography and videography that can be used to . monitor subcontractors, materials, equipment, and stockpile volumes. All can be produced on-site at flexible times.

Site Progress Reporting - Keeping stakeholders and investors engaged throughout the different stages of a development can be difficult, but vital. Providing site progress reports are a great way of keeping stakeholders and investors informed. The use of a UAV provides accurate and detailed data that can be processed into a informative report providing 3D models of the site, orthomosaic maps and highly detailed photogrammetry data.

Inventory and Equipment Management - UAV's can allow site managers to keep track of all the materials and site equipment. Using the latest mapping software capturing drone data can help site managers keep an eye on the assets at their convenience instead of exhausting hours operating at the construction site.

Site Surveying - The use of GIS on site is evolving and with the rapidly growing technology available to commercial drone operators obtaining data is achievable faster than before compared to traditional methods, without compromising of quality or safety. Utilising a highly skilled drone operator on-site to collect your aerial data required for photogrammetry, will allow the site to carry on un-hindered, saving time and money.

During the last few years there has been a consistent increase in the use of drones in the construction industry to assist in the areas mentioned above.

It is important to ensure your drone service provider has the necessary CAA licensing, public liability insurance, flight experience and appropriate equipment to conduct the mission safely and effectively.

If you are looking to introduce the use of UAV's into your work site contact Avi-8 Commercial Drones to find out more.
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